Plentiful Pantry (CSA monthly payment)

Plentiful Pantry (CSA monthly payment)

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Plentiful Pantry

Ensure your kitchen shelves are always stocked with the perfect blend of fresh, healthy meat and produce throughout the year. 

Your baskets will be hand selected by our family each week — the perfect blend of farm fresh beef, pork and seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Beef will consist of roasts, steaks and ground beef. Pork will consist of chops, sausage bacon and more. Produce will be a seasonal variety including tomatoes, onions, corn, cucumbers, asparagus, kale, potatoes, apples and strawberries.

Weekly packages include:

  • 3 lbs. individual meat cuts (80% beef, 20% pork)
  • 5 lbs. seasonal fruits and vegetables June-September (May & October as available)
  • *Membership required. Please CLICK HERE for membership form.  Receive a 10% discount when paying in full.