Butcher's Best (CSA monthly share)

Butcher's Best (CSA monthly share)

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Butcher's Best

All the meat you need to become a master chef in your own home, from strip steaks to chops, these choice meat cuts will keep your mouths watering for more! 

Monthly packages include:
  • 12 lbs. individual meat cuts of 75% Beef and 25% pork consisting of ground beef, roasts, sirloin tip, t-bone, porterhouse, new york strip, filet, ribeye, ia chops, bacon, ham steak, brats, tenderized pork loin and sausage. Ratio: 4 lbs ground beef, 2.5 lbs steak, 2.5 lbs roast (or other available cuts) and 3 lbs. pork.
  • Freshly picked sweet corn in the summer and seasonal decor in the fall, including various pumpkins, indian corn and gourds.
  • Priority ordering for specialty cuts. For example, hamburger patties and brats in the summer and holiday cuts like prime rib, tenderloin filet, etc.
  • 10% off any Our Yesterday purchase made beyond your CSA, based on availability.
  • Bonus December delivery - we procure a gift basket of our specialty cuts plus other Iowa made foods and treats as a gift to you. This is no additional cost and comes in addition to your monthly delivery. 

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